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Carpet Color Restoration

Here’s what Carpet Color Solutions can do for you….

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Does not change original carpet color!  Restores unevenly discolored carpet to one uniform color to match the original carpet color.


bleach repairBleach StainRestores missing colors in spots, usually caused by bleach, urine or harsh cleaning chemicals. Also for color missing from specific areas; UV fading, ozone fading, water mark & unsightly discolorations.  Spot Dyeing for darker-than-original-carpet stains; caused by food & beverages, organic or inorganic staining substances.


Changes the color of your  carpet to a new color, even if the desired color is outside of the existing color family (like Mauve to Teal, or  Blue to  Burgundy, or Beige to Hunter Green, or unattractive, outdated colors to exciting new vibrant colors).




Restores color to patterned or multi-colored carpets.  (For faded, water damaged, or discolored areas in solid or patterned carpet.)


Premium annual treatment to keep the color of your carpet new; this does not change the original color of your carpet. This color revive process brings lightly faded carpet back to the original color evenly.


Darkens or deepens existing color. Select from a slight shade to a deep shade of the original color.


Removes stubborn stains or adds color to match your existing color.

Carpet Color Solutions can improve carpet appearance and life expectancy.  We can extend, restore, rejuvenate and preserve the color, life, beauty and appearance of your existing carpet for a fraction of the cost of new carpet.

Carpet Color Solutions will offer the following:free-samples

  • FREE, No-obligation carpet assessment.
  • We always provide our customers with a free assessment and a recommendation of services to be done prior to the commencement of work; and only perform those services, which the customer has approved!
  • There are no hidden costs or surprises, as everything is agreed upon, prior to commencement of the work to be performed.  (Examples of Carpet Repair Costs.)

Note:  Very few carpet cleaners are proficient in the science of tough stain removal.  Most stubborn stains, even if removed by a carpet cleaner, will result in removing original carpet color too, and they can’t put the color back!  Only an expert carpet dyer should be called to remove stubborn stains because they can often remove the stain without taking additional color from the carpet, or if original color has to be removed to eradicate the stain completely, then the carpet dyer can match and restore the original color.  Caution:  There are a very small number of carpet cleaners who claim to be able to dye.  Their business is really carpet cleaning, not carpet dyeing, consequently, any of the few carpet cleaners who profess to be able to dye, do so as a very small part of their business, which should lead you to the obvious conclusion- they are not and cannot be considered as “carpet dyers”.

Not all carpets will accept dye the same way.  Your carpet dictates what can be done.  If we don’t think it will meet your satisfaction after talking to you and explaining to the best of our ability what the results will be, WE WON’T DYE YOUR CARPET.  In the commercial property world, as well as the residential home owner population, little is known of carpet dyeing, so PLEASE, if you have any questions, ask.   We will be happy to answer any and all questions.

Carpet Color Solutions