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Stain Removal – Color Change

The difference is amazing!


Yes, we are able to actually change the color of a carpet. How the process works is our specialist will advise you to give the carpeting a thorough cleaning to make sure that the carpet is free of all foreign materials and anything that may affect the dyes. Next, the technician will mix the color that the carpet will be dyed to. Also mixed into this solution is a product that will make the carpet accept the dyes more easily. The technician will then apply the dye to the carpeting to change the color. You do not need to worry about dye getting on the walls because our technicians use dye shields that will protect the walls during the dye process. Finally the technician will groom the dye into the carpet and the process is complete. It is recommended that the room not be used for at least 24 hours or until the carpet is completely dry.

Because the dyes are water based expect dry times of at least 24 hours



Very few carpet cleaners are proficient in the science of tough stain removal. Most stubborn stains, even if removed by a carpet cleaner, will sometimes result in removing the original carpet color, too, and they can’t put the color back!  Only an expert carpet dyer should be called to remove stubborn stains because they can often remove the stain without taking additional color from the carpet.  If the original color has to be removed to eradicate the stain completely, then the carpet dyer can match and restore the original color.

Simply put, the transformation is stunning.  Turn ugly, stained carpet that is an eyesore, into a clean, easier to live with color that is now a feature of your home or workplace – at a fraction of the cost of new carpet.

Our main service is on-floor, complete color changes.  This Carpet Dyeing System is suitable for both wool and nylon carpets and wool-nylon blends as well. It is not however,  suitable for acrylic, olephin, or polypropylene.


On light/neutral colored carpets we offer an unlimited choice of colors; however certain permanent stains or specific  damage may require darker colors to cover and restore.  The Carpet Color Solutions technicians will advise you on this.

The On-Floor Carpet Dyeing System is a non-toxic, environmentally sound process.  What’s more , you have a wide range of colors to choose from. ­  Imagine a new color of your choice, on your carpet, without mess or fuss (which in most cases can be completed in one working day).

White carpet dyed to a more practical color.

Stained, faded, tired-looking carpets and those too light to be serviceable, can be revived with a fresh looking new color.  Carpet Color Solutions “no mess, no fuss” operation can rejuvenate your wool or nylon carpets for a   fraction of replacement costs.  The customer can choose a full color change, or just have a refreshing top-coat of the same color.  Color makes such a difference.
CARPET COLOR SOLUTIONS can give your carpet a facelift by doing a full carpet color change.  White carpet in a home with a family and pets can be dyed to a more practical color.  A change in  décor can be an additional reason to change the color of your carpet.

Note:  Dyeing and Tinting will make old, faded or worn carpets appear much brighter, attractive and cleaner.  Carpets lose 6% to 7% of their color every year from exposure to ultra violet light and the noxious fumes in the atmosphere. Dyeing and Tinting will replace the lost color for a fraction of what it would cost to replace the carpet.

Carpet Color Solutions offers both spot dyeing and full carpet dyeing.    See examples of job pricing.

It is no longer necessary to replace a carpet because of color loss. Carpet Color Solutions has the ability to “Spot Dye” your carpeting back to its original color. We use dyes that are specially formulated for your carpet’s fibers that gives a color that looks and lasts like factory-dyed originals. Carpet Color Solutions assures you that the color dyed into your carpet will never streak, track-off or wash away. Our dyes are permanent and colorfast and we will guarantee that for the life of your carpeting.

In most cases we are able to replace the missing colors from your carpet with our spot dyeing process. The dyes that we use are the same types of dyes that were used to originally dye your carpets. How the process works is our specialist will assess the bleach spot and then apply a product that stabilizes the carpet and prepares it to accept the dye. The specialist will then begin to apply the missing colors to the affected area. Dye colors are applied until the closest to original color is achieved. In most cases we are able to achieve a perfect match and if not, make the affected area at least 95% better than it was.

We guarantee the color that we put into your carpet, for the lifetime of your carpet, as long as you have a Certified Professional clean and maintain you carpeting.

Do you have any carpet color issues?  Feel free to call or email us.  We’d love to answer any questions you may have.

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